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Waffle Flower ADDITIONAL A2 LAYERS Dies 310380


These dies are sized to fill the in-between sizes of the original A2 Layers Die previously released.  Together, they cover every size that you would need!  A great value for a crafting staple!

And for those of you who like to work bigger we have the A7 Layers Die.

This die set contains 16 dies.

Approximate Layer Sizes:
4.125 x 5.375 inches
3.875 x 5.125 inches
3.625 x 4.875 inches
3.375 x 4.625 inches
3.125 x 4.375 inches
2.875 x 4.125 inches
2.625 x 3.875 inches
2.375 x 3.625 inches
2.125 x 3.375 inches
1.875 x 3.125 inches
1.625 x 2.875 inches
1.375 x 2.625 inches
1.125 x 2.375 inches
.875 x 2.125 inches
.625 x 1.875 inches
.375 x 1.625 inches

Comes de-tabbed with magnetic storage sheet

UPC: 644216789993

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