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Crafter's Companion Colorista DECORATIVE METALLICS Paint Markers sncol-paim-dec8


Set your creativity free with Colorista Paint Markers. With these clever multi-surface markers you can spread colour and joy with (nearly) no limits!
You can doodle, draw, sketch, write and decorate just about anything you like!
Each Colorista Paint Marker is filled with a water-based acrylic paint which dries on so many surfaces in a fully opaque and vibrant colour.
So as well as classic card and paper, you can get colourful with metal, plastic, stone, wood and glass!

8 paint markers included: gleaming red, pearl green, green patina, blue verdigris, lustrous purple, platinum pink, gilded gold, silver plate

UPC: 195094073082

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Crafter's Companion is a global art, craft and hobby manufacturer, and distributor, with offices located in Europe and North America. Product ranges include Gemini, Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, professional quality blendable colored pencils, storage systems for a variety of craft materials - including Totally Tiffany, EZMount, stamping supplies and a wide array of papercrafting tools to create your own cards, boxes, envelopes and many other one-of-a-kind craft products. Serving North America since 2007, Crafter's Companion has quickly become known for its innovative product lines at affordable prices. Crafter's Companion is a friendly lot who like to put the customer at the heart of everything they do.