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Gina K Designs HOLIDAY TOPPERS Dies die0270


Create a highly decorated and beautiful card for the Christmas scene with these holiday toppers dies Approximate measurements are in inches:

Small Bow: 0.875 X 0.5
Large Bow: 1.5 X 1
Small Ring Topper: 0.5 X 2
Large Ring Topper: 1.375 X 2.5
Plain Ornament Topper: 1 X 2
Bow Ornament Topper: 1 X 1.85

UPC: 609015531150

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Gina Krupsky has been a mainstay in the stamping world since she started Gina K. Designs in 2006, and as a pioneer in the crafty YouTube world with her innovative StampTV, she blazed a trail for creative card making YouTubers. As a matter of fact, Gina started making YouTube videos before there was YouTube. Her first video was uploaded onto a platform called Google Video which later became YouTube. Gina K. Designs is a family business based in Wisconsin, which is run with help of her husband Tom and daughters Rina and Alicia.