Tsukineko Stazon MIDI GOTHIC PURPLE Ink Pad szmid013

This versatile mid-sized stamp pad features fast-drying, solvent-based pigment ink that works on a variety of surfaces including paper, glass, metal, shrink plastic, cellophane, aluminum foil, leather and acrylic. This ink does not react with watercolors or other water-based media, making it great for use in mixed-media projects. Acid-free and water soluble for easy clean up. The ink pad is 2.25x2.25 inches. Raised surface allows for inking up any size stamps!

UPC: 712353130135

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At Imagine Crafts, high-quality inks are made in a wide variety of colors, palettes, and multi-use forms to nurture the customer’s creative soul. Imagine offers its own line of products as well as those of Tsukineko. This match-made-in-heaven has resulted in an unequaled product line that includes inks in a huge variety of colors, as well as tools that can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, fabric, wood, metal, and glass.