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3 Inch Rubber Squeegee Scraper Tool th723


The 3 Inch Rubber Squeegee Scraper Tool is a must-have tool for any artist or crafter who loves working with collage mediums and pastes. Endorsed and loved by the renowned artist Tim Holtz himself, this versatile tool is specifically engineered to enhance your creative process.

Featuring a rubber edge, this squeegee scraper is perfect for achieving precise and controlled application of various mediums, such as pastes, gels, and paints. Its 2 x 2.8-inch block size provides a comfortable grip and allows for effortless maneuvering, making it ideal for detailed work.

With the Rubber Squeegee Scraper Tool, you can easily scrape and spread your favorite collage mediums over stencils, resulting in stunning designs and textured effects. The rubber edge ensures smooth and even distribution, allowing you to achieve professional-looking finishes every time. 

Whether you're working on mixed media projects, art journaling, or scrapbooking, this squeegee scraper tool is a valuable addition to your toolkit. Discover the limitless possibilities it offers for creating unique and captivating art pieces.

UPC: th723