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49 and Market Vintage Artistry Nature Study Card Kit NS-23169


The 49 and Market Vintage Artistry Nature Study Card Kit is a convenient kit that includes everything you need to create eight beautifully designed cards. Here are the details of what is included in the kit:

  1. Cards and Envelopes: The kit includes enough cards and envelopes to make eight cards. There are four designs of cards and envelopes, with two of each design. This provides variety and allows you to create different looks for your cards.

  2. Rub-On Transfers: The kit includes two sheets of rub-on transfers. Rub-on transfers are a versatile and fun way to add intricate designs and sentiments to your cards. Simply apply the transfer to the desired surface, rub gently, and the design will transfer onto the card.

  3. Sticker Seals: Eight sticker seals are included in the kit. Sticker seals are decorative elements that can be used to seal the envelopes or as additional embellishments on your cards. They add a finishing touch and complement the overall design of your creations.

The 49 and Market Vintage Artistry Nature Study Card Kit provides a convenient and coordinated set of materials to create eight beautiful cards. With a variety of card designs, rub-on transfers, and sticker seals, you can personalize each card and create unique and heartfelt greetings. Enjoy the ease and creativity of this card kit as you make handmade cards for your loved ones or special occasions.

UPC: 786724923169