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AALL & Create Buzzie Bugs A7 Clear Stamps 1039


The AALL & Create Buzzie Bugs A7 Clear Stamps, part of the Pets & Pests Collection designed by Janet Klein, are an imaginative set of photopolymer stamps. This compact set measures 3x4 inches and includes a total of 7 playful pieces. Among these stamps, you'll find a delightful and whimsical take on insects, featuring a smiling bumblebee, grasshoppers, and butterflies, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to your crafting projects. Additionally, the set includes a lightning bug with a lightbulb on its back, as well as the words "chirp" and "buzz." These stamps are perfect for adding a playful and creative touch to your projects featuring insects.

UPC: 5060979163781