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AALL & Create Define Halloween A7 Clear Stamps aall956


The AALL & Create Define Halloween A7 Clear Stamps, designed by Janet Klein, add a unique touch to your Halloween-themed projects. This 3x4-inch clear stamp set includes 5 deeply etched photopolymer stamps that effortlessly adhere to any clear acrylic block. The set features a stitched border and presents four intriguing definitions for Canyd, Spooky, Halloween and Trick or Treat.
Can•dy /‘kandē/ n. A sweet food made with sugar; in small shaped pieces.
Spook•y /’spōōkē/ adj. A frightening unnatural atmosphere. A spooky feeling.
Hal•low•een /hälǝ’wēn/ n. 1. The night of October 31, celebrated by children who dress in costume and go door to door asking for candy. 2. Hocus pocus.
Trick or Treat exclamation Said by children to ask for candy when visiting someone’s home on Halloween typically in costume.
These stamps provide a creative way to capture the essence of Halloween.

UPC: 5060979162067