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AALL & Create Define Party A7 Clear Stamps 963

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  • AALL & Create
  • $8.99

    AALL & Create Define Party A7 Clear Stamps, from the Party Time Collection designed by Janet Klein, add a touch of definition and celebration to your creative projects. This clear, etched photopolymer stamp set measures 3x4 inches and comprises 5 informative pieces. Within this set, you'll find a charming vine border and four definitions to enhance your creative endeavors:
        1    Party /‘pärdē/ n. A social gathering of invited guests typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.
        2    Cake /kāk/ n. Soft sweet food baked from a mixture of flowers, sugar, and eggs.
        3    Surprise /sǝ(r)’priz/ n. An unexpected astonishing event.
        4    Balloon /bǝ’lu:n/ n. An inflatable rubber bag of various sizes, shapes, and colors, usually used as a party decoration.

    UPC: 5060979162135