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AALL & Create Filigree Washi Tape aalwt63

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  • AALL & Create
  • $5.09

    The AALL & Create Filigree Washi Tape is a decorative masking tape designed by Janet Klein. With a width of 20mm (0.79 inches) and a length of 10 meters, this tape offers ample material for your creative projects. The design of this washi tape features a colorful array of stems and leaves. The intricate and delicate patterns of the stems and leaves create a filigree-like design, adding an elegant and artistic touch to the tape. Washi tape is known for its versatility and ease of use in a wide range of crafting applications. It can be torn by hand, repositioned, and removed without leaving residue, making it ideal for adding borders, accents, or decorative elements to your projects.

    UPC: 5060979162760