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AALL & Create Garden She Wrote A5 Clear Stamp Set 926


Meticulously crafted by Tracy Evans, this 6x8 inch, photopolymer clear stamp set comprises 38 unique stamps. Included in this set are the twelve months of the year, elegantly presented in a stylish typographic font. From January to December, each month is exquisitely portrayed. Additionally, you'll find typewriter keys representing all 26 letters of the alphabet. Next to each letter, you'll discover a nature-related word, with the definition tastefully showcased behind the accompanying large letter. The meticulously selected words include A for aster, B for bulb, C for corm, D for daisy, E for [unspecified], F for fern, G for grass, H for heather, I for iris, J for jasmine, K for kale, L for lily, M for moss, N for nest, O for oxalis, P for petal, Q for quince, R for rose, S for soil, T for tree, U for ursinia, V for vinca, W for woods, X for xylosma, Y for yarrow, and Z for zinnia. Allow your creativity to blossom as you explore the symbolic connections between the alphabet and the natural world.

UPC: 5060979161763