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AALL & Create Garden Times A7 Clear Stamp aall979

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The AALL & Create Garden Times A7 Clear Stamps are designed by Tracy Evans. These stamps are made with high-quality, deeply etched photopolymer clear material, which ensures precise and detailed stamping. They can easily adhere to any clear acrylic block, making them convenient to use. The clear stamp set measures 3x4 inches and includes one stamp. This stamp features a captivating collage design where an acorn takes the focal point. The acorn itself is solid, and inside it, there is a flower along with the word "acorn." The combination of the acorn and flower adds a charming and nature-inspired element to the design. Surrounding the acorn are various elements, including tiny advertisements, more actors, splotches, and a border featuring the word "Garden" repeated several times. This collage-style stamp offers a unique and artistic composition, allowing you to create captivating and textured designs.

UPC: 5060979162296