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AALL & Create Bright Dawn A5 Clear Stamp Set 925


Created by the talented Tracy Evans, these deeply etched clear stamps are a perfect addition to your creative arsenal. This 6x8 inch clear stamp set features a total of 10 captivating stamps, each offering unique design elements and sentiments. The centerpiece of this set is a striking large aster collage accompanied by the letter "A" and ink splotches, adding a touch of artistic flair to your creations. Additionally, you'll find a beautiful silhouette of a flower that gracefully incorporates the word "nature" within its leaves. Adding a touch of whimsy and character to the set is a large rooster stamp, exuding a sense of charm and rustic beauty. Complementing this focal image are two smaller silhouettes of roosters, allowing for creative versatility and layering possibilities in your projects. The stamp set also includes a selection of inspiring words and phrases. Among these are "Aster,” "Rooster,” "There is beauty in simplicity," "Let your Dreams Blossom,” and "Create your own Story.”

UPC: 5060979161756