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AALL & Create Terracotta Potter A7 Clear Stamps 1074

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  • AALL & Create
  • $8.99

    AALL & Create Terracotta Potter A7 Clear Stamps, from the Oasis Desert Collection by Bipasha Bk, bring the beauty of desert-inspired serenity to your creative projects. This clear, etched photopolymer stamp set measures 3x4 inches and comprises 4 pieces. Within this set, you'll find a terra cotta flower pot, perfect for planting creative seeds. Additionally, there's a collage of numbers enclosed within a brushed circle, adding an artistic touch to your projects. Another collage features the number 48 and the heartfelt phrase: "Planting succulents: nature's stress relief," emphasizing the therapeutic quality of nurturing succulent plants. Lastly, this set includes a medley of empowering words: "Resilient Oasis, Thriving Sands, Blooming Serenity, Evergreen Journey, Oasis Dreams, Majestic Cacti, Vibrant Growth, Graceful Succulents, Tranquil Resilience, and Flourishing Beauty." These stamps are perfect for adding a touch of desert-inspired serenity and wisdom to your creative endeavors.

    UPC: 5060979164962