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AALL & Create The Last Word A7 Clear Stamps aall1058


The AALL & Create The Last Word A7 Clear Stamps, designed by Autour De Mwa, offer a variety of spooky and humorous elements for your Halloween-themed projects. This 3x4-inch clear stamp set comprises 6 deeply etched photopolymer stamps that adhere easily to any clear acrylic block. The set provides you with versatile imagery to create different scenes. Among the stamps, you can craft a spooky Halloween graveyard with a trio of headstones, each bearing the inscription "RIP." Alternatively, you can create a chilling atmosphere with a stack of old books and a melting candle atop. The set also includes amusing epitaph phrases like "I was hoping for a pyramid," "I told you I was sick," "Paper cuts bleed more than you think," and "I knew that guillotine was a bad idea." These stamps allow you to infuse your projects with both spooky and lighthearted elements, making them perfect for capturing the essence of Halloween in a creative and engaging manner.

UPC: 5060979164467