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AALL & Create Thelma A7 Clear Stamps aall1051


The AALL & Create Thelma A7 Clear Stamps, designed by Auto de Mwa, are deeply-etched and high-quality photopolymer stamps that showcase a delightful vintage convertible car scene. This 3x4 inch clear stamp set includes twelve charming stamps. The set features a vintage convertible car, exuding a sense of classic charm and nostalgia, patches of grass and dirt, providing a natural and earthy backdrop for your vintage car scene, balloons and clouds, adding a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your scene. Also includes is a signpost, adding a sense of direction and adventure to your scene, birds, which add a lively and animated touch to your scene and a gasoline pump, completing the vintage car theme and providing a practical element to the scene.

UPC: 5060979164399