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AALL & Create July 2023 Washi Tapes Set aalwtj23

The AALL & Create July 2023 Washi Tapes Set is an exciting collection of 7 washi tapes, each with varying widths of 20 or 25mm and a generous length of 10 meters. This set offers a plethora of creative possibilities for your crafting projects.
Here are the captivating designs featured in this set:
    •    Denominatory 47: This washi tape features a stylish black and white design adorned with artistic scribbles and numbers.
    •    Arithmetical 48: Bursting with colors, this washi tape showcases captivating collages of numbers printed throughout.
    •    Inky Pin 49: This unique washi tape features a white background adorned with a captivating collage of numbers, circles, and splotches in black.
    •    Neon Dreams 50: This colorful washi tape boasts a dynamic design with hexagon and circle shapes, along with fun and energetic writing.
    •    Jingle Stars 53: Embrace the joyful spirit of the Christmas season with this festive washi tape. Featuring bright reds and greens, it is adorned with stars, baubles, ornaments, flowers, writing, and more.
    •    Passport Please 56: Explore the world through this captivating washi tape. It features a lively design with shades of pink, green, and blues, adorned with black postage stamps from different cities and countries.
    •    Paper Stitches 59: This predominantly green and purple washi tape features a captivating design filled with stitches and scribbles. It is adorned with different random quotes.
UPC: 5060979164504