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AALL & Create Weird Science A7 Clear Stamps aall957


The AALL & Create Weird Science A7 Clear Stamps, designed by Janet Klein, offer a unique touch for your creative projects. This 3x4-inch clear stamp set features 6 deeply etched photopolymer stamps that seamlessly adhere to any clear acrylic block. As part of the Great Minds Series, this set features a whimsical portrayal of a vampire with a charmingly quirky eye and pointy fangs, as well as a mad scientist holding a beaker and a test tube while his brain is visible. The set also includes a Big Bang atom and the phrases "Bite Me," "Creepy," and "Weird Science." This collection of stamps provides a creative avenue to explore quirky characters and scientific elements, making it perfect for Halloween-themed projects.

UPC: 5060979162074