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AALL & Create You Are All A7 Clear Stamp Set 933


Crafted with precision from high-quality, deeply etched photopolymer clear material, these stamps adhere effortlessly to any clear acrylic block. Designed by the talented Janet Klein, this 3x4 inch clear set comprises four delightful stamps. Within this set, you'll find a boy and a girl, each with a whimsical touch—a single, captivating big eye. Holding hearts in their hands, they represent the universal language of love and affection. The girl also carries an envelope, symbolizing the cherished exchange of heartfelt messages and sentiments. Alongside these adorable characters, the set includes two heartfelt phrases that express love and affection. "XOXO" signifies hugs and kisses, conveying warm affection and endearment. "You Are all My Heart Needs" beautifully captures the essence of love and the profound connection between hearts.

UPC: 5060979161831