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Alex Syberia Designs Frosty Lace Stencil Set asd-ste-135


Introducing the Alex Syberia Designs Frosty Lace Stencil Set, your effortless ticket to infusing a winter wonderland vibe into your creative projects! Measuring at a convenient 6 x 6 inches, this stencil set allows you to easily transform your creations into cozy winter scenes.

With the delicate and simple beauty of frosty lace, you can effortlessly turn your paper-crafting projects into a winter dream. There's no need for complexity; let Frosty Lace Stencil add that cool, charming touch to your crafts.

Experience the magic of winter with ease as you incorporate this versatile stencil set into your creative repertoire. Embrace the simplicity and charm of frosty lace and watch your projects come to life with a touch of winter's enchantment!

UPC: 5060996711705