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Simon Says Stamp Pawsitively Perfect Placement Guides A2 Mat And Transparency st0129 Out Of This World


The Pawsitively Perfect Placement Guides A2 Mat and Transparency by Simon Says Stamp is an essential tool for precision stamping and card making. Designed to fit an 6 x 7 inch MISTI stamp platform (sold separately), this set includes two pieces that will revolutionize your crafting experience.

The first piece is a white surface with a marking of the A2 card size that inserts perfectly into your stamp platform. The white surface is excellent for ink blending and stamping and wipes up easily, ensuring a clean workspace and making it a breeze to switch between different ink colors. (Note: Do not immerse in water.) When you are ready to add additional elements or sentiments, simply place your cardstock within the lines of the A2 guide.

The second piece is a grid guide that offers precise measurements and markings, allowing you to align and position your stamps with utmost accuracy. Before you stamp your additional elements or sentiments, slip the grid guide over your positioned cardstock. Use the grid to help you perfectly align your design. There are marks that indicate the center of the A2 card as well as marks to help you locate the rule of thirds design “sweet spots” of ⅓ and ⅔ on the card. Once you place the stamp where you want it, close the stamp platform so the clear stamp sticks to the top. Then remove the grid guide to stamp. The grid guide ensures consistent and professional results, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring your stamped images are perfectly placed every time. Whether you're creating intricate designs or simple patterns, this grid guide will be your trusted companion in achieving flawless stamping.

Crafted with quality and durability in mind, the Pawsitively Perfect Placement Guides are made to withstand frequent use and provide consistent performance. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just beginning your creative journey, these guides are an invaluable tool that will elevate your stamping and card making skills.

We recommend storing them in our handy Storage Envelopes (st0111), sold separately.

With the Pawsitively Perfect Placement Guides A2 Mat and Transparency, precision and perfection are at your fingertips. Take your crafting to new heights of excellence with this must-have accessory from Simon Says Stamp. Enjoy the confidence and satisfaction of knowing your stamped images and card elements are placed exactly where you want them, every single time.


UPC: st0129