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Altenew Aqualicious Fresh Dye Ink Pad ALT7756


Elevate your stamping projects with the Altenew Aqualicious Fresh Dye Ink Pad! Stamping has never been more enjoyable and effortless. If you desire flawless coverage with crisp impressions every time you use your favorite stamps, Altenew's dye inks are an essential addition to your crafting arsenal. These Fresh Dye Inks were specifically formulated to deliver stunning, crisp results, particularly when used with clear photopolymer stamps.

The Aqualicious is part of a color family that showcases a range of captivating blue tones. It features a light warm greenish blue, a beautiful warm sea blue, a cool lighter teal blue, and a darker and cooler teal blue. When layered together, these colors create a light blue image with highly contrasting teal shadows. Altenew's ink color families were thoughtfully designed to simplify layered stamping, taking the guesswork out of the process. The colors within each color family range from light to dark, ensuring superior layering results.

These high-viscosity dye inks, which have a slightly different formulation from our existing dye ink range, offer richness and vibrancy. They seamlessly stamp alongside other inks in your collection, enhancing your creative possibilities. The ink pads feature a modern and minimalist round case with a felt pad, custom-designed with the user in mind. With a simple twist, the lid opens, allowing you to immerse yourself in your next crafty project without hassle.

Altenew's Fresh Dye Inks boast a multitude of features that make them versatile and user-friendly. They are water-based, making them suitable not only for stamping but also for various techniques. The fast-drying formula is excellent for layered stamping and reduces the risk of smudging. These inks provide uniform coverage, resulting in a beautiful and consistent look, even on solid stamps. Their vibrant impressions add bold and bright touches to your papercrafting projects. The ink pad is refillable, allowing you to refresh it with re-inker when it starts feeling dry. The ergonomic design of the ink pad ensures easy and comfortable use. The raised pad is suitable for stamps of all shapes and sizes and can also be used to apply ink directly to paper.

Experience the joy of stamping with Altenew Aqualicious Fresh Dye Ink Pad, proudly made in the USA. Embrace its rich, vibrant colors, fast-drying formula, and uniform coverage as you create stunning projects. Enjoy the convenience of refillability and the user-friendly design of the ink pad. Let your creativity flow as you embark on your next papercrafting adventure with Altenew's Aqualicious Fresh Dye Ink Pad!

UPC: 765453031918