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Altenew Dynamic Duo Leaf Wreath Clear Stamp and Stencil Set


The allure of the Altenew Dynamic Duo Leaf Wreath Clear Stamp and Stencil Set beckons. This dynamic set presents an enchanting experience with its Leaf Wreath motif.

Within the Dynamic Duo: Leaf Wreath Stamp Set, the Leaf Wreath Stencil Set is elevated through the inclusion of intricate vein details adorning the leaves, accompanied by a quintet of heartfelt sentiments. A clever feature lets you rotate the vein image while stamping to complete the full wreath effect.

Contained within this remarkable Dynamic Duo Set:

  • A 3 x 4 inch stamp set featuring 6 stamps crafted in the USA using premium photopolymer.
  • A set of 2 coordinating and complementing stencils.

The sentiments woven into this set are as heartwarming as they are versatile:

  • sending wishes and kisses
  • you are loved
  • with love from me to you
  • you are amazing and kind
  • on your birthday

Dynamic Duo stands as a testament to synergy, encompassing a 3 x 4 inch stamp set and a set of coordinating stencils. Beyond mere coordination, these stamp and stencil components seamlessly enhance each other, resulting in an artistic partnership of remarkable depth.

UPC: 765453035428