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Altenew Fine Blade Scissors ALT7678


Introducing the Fine Blade Scissors by Altenew, meticulously crafted for optimal precision and comfort in various crafting endeavors. With a blade length measuring 2.5 inches, these scissors offer unparalleled suitability for intricate cuts and delicate detailing. The ergonomic handle design ensures a secure grip, effectively reducing hand fatigue even during prolonged use. Moreover, the inclusion of a non-stick Teflon coating enables seamless and effortless cutting, preventing any adhesive residue from adhering to the blades. These scissors exhibit remarkable versatility, making them an indispensable tool for every passionate crafting enthusiast. With their ability to deliver precise cuts with ease and unmatched convenience, Altenew's Fine Blade Scissors are sure to elevate your crafting experience.

UPC: 765453030089