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Altenew Island and Space Garden Marker Topper Label Set alt7670


Altenew presents the Island and Space Garden Marker Topper Label Set, catering to those who value precise organization for effortless access to their crafting supplies. Exciting news awaits!

These marker toppers are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly fit onto Altenew's Island Garden and Space Garden Artist Alcohol Markers Bundle. The process is straightforward: choose your preferred decal, whether it's the color name or the color name accompanied by the nib style, and affix it to the top of each marker cap. Additionally, you can employ the included sentiment and floral decals to embellish your projects and containers.

Key Details:

  • Decal Size: 10 x 5 inches
  • Material: 3mil clear vinyl featuring a glossy finish
  • Ideal Surface of Application: Suitable for smooth/glossy surfaces or textured surfaces like windows, furniture, or walls.

With this label set, you can effortlessly organize and add a personal touch to your markers, enhancing your crafting experience and ensuring that your supplies are readily accessible.

UPC: 765453029991