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Altenew Majestic Mountains Layering Stencils alt8096

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  • Altenew
  • $21.99

    Introducing the Altenew Majestic Mountains Layering Stencils, a set designed to capture the grandeur and beauty of majestic mountains.

    This stencil set comprises four detailed layers that bring majestic mountains to life on your projects. The first stencil lays down the broad shape and silhouette of the mountains, creating a solid backdrop for the subsequent shadow layers.

    These stencils are part of our special line of stencils created to be used alongside their corresponding stamp sets. They serve as a foundation for adding color and character to the images in the stamp set, allowing you to enhance your creative projects with depth and dimension.

    Each stencil measures 6 x 6 inches, offering ample space for your crafting needs. With the Majestic Mountains Layering Stencil Set, you can easily recreate the grandeur and beauty of mountains in your artwork, adding a touch of the majestic to your creations.

    UPC: 765453036517