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Altenew Mini Ink Cubes Label Set Deco Garden alt7985


Enhance the appearance and organization of your Altenew Fresh Dye Ink Mini Cubes with the Altenew Mini Ink Cubes Label Set in the Deco Garden line.

Key features of this label set:

  • Designed to be used with Altenew's Deco Garden Fresh Dye Ink Mini Cube sets.
  • These labels are perfectly sized to wrap around the sides of the mini ink cubes, ensuring easy identification of colors even when the lids are off.
  • Application instructions: Start in the middle of one side and wrap the label around all four sides of the mini ink cube. The labels are slightly longer, allowing the ends to overlap. You can choose to leave them as is or trim the excess with a craft knife.
  • Each set includes labels for 6 color names, helping you keep your mini ink cubes well-organized and visually appealing.
  • Enjoy the added bonus of fun decals included in the set, adding a touch of creativity to your ink cube collection.

With these labels, you can not only keep your ink cubes neatly organized but also add a touch of beauty and functionality to your crafting supplies.

UPC: 765453034902