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Altenew Mocha Fresh Dye Ink Pad alt8282

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  • Altenew
  • $7.99

    For those who revel in the art of stamping, the Altenew Mocha Fresh Dye Ink Pad brings an element of joy and ease like never before. If you seek flawless coverage with a touch of beauty and the guarantee of a crisp, impeccable impression with each stamp, then thesedye inks are an absolute necessity. Altenew's Fresh Dye Inks have been masterfully crafted to deliver stunning, razor-sharp results during stamping, and they excel in harmony with your clear photopolymer stamps.

    Within the Coffee Break Color Family, you'll discover four captivating colors that effortlessly capture the essence of a comforting coffee break. From the warm and sandy beige reminiscent of serene shores to the deep and intense brown evoking the essence of a rich mocha, these hues are tailor-made for enhancing coffee-themed designs, mountainscapes, verdant foliage, lush forests, endearing critters, and beyond.

    This round felt pad ink pad, measuring a substantial 2.75 inches, offers both convenience and quality. It ensures that your creative endeavors are met with precision and style, allowing your artistic vision to come to life. Unleash your creativity with the Altenew Mocha Fresh Dye Ink Pad and experience the true essence of stamping excellence!

    UPC: 765453039020