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Altenew Round Ink Pads Label Set Blue Mountains, Frosted Foliage, Woodland Escape alt7977


Presenting the Altenew Round Ink Pads Label Set, available in the captivating Blue Mountains, Frosted Foliage, and Woodland Escape color palettes. Elevate the appearance of your Altenew Round Ink Pads while effortlessly organizing your inks with these label decals!

These round ink labels are thoughtfully designed for use with the Blue Mountains, Frosted Foliage, and Woodland Escape Fresh Dye Ink sets. They are meticulously crafted to perfectly encircle the sides of the round ink pads, allowing for easy color identification when the lids are removed. Not only are they functional, but these labels also add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your ink collection.

To apply the labels, simply start at the lid line and wrap them around the circumference of the ink pad. The labels have a slight excess length, ensuring that the ends overlap neatly. You have the flexibility to leave them as they are or use a craft knife to trim the ends for a custom fit.

Each set includes one sheet of labels, featuring decals for 12 color names and additional charming decorative decals. This comprehensive labeling solution enhances your round ink pad organization and introduces a touch of creativity to your crafting workspace.

UPC: 765453034827