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Altenew Shimmery Hummingbirds Simple Coloring Stencil ALT7973


The Altenew Shimmery Hummingbirds Simple Coloring Stencil allows you to infuse your papercrafts with the enchanting beauty of garden magic. This stencil features stylish and elegant minimalist-style hummingbirds, adding a touch of grace and charm to your projects.

Designed to coordinate with the Shimmery Hummingbirds Hot Foil Plate Set, this stencil serves as a companion to bring the magical birds to life by adding color. Each set includes 1 stencil, providing you with the necessary tools to create stunning and vibrant hummingbird designs.

With the Shimmery Hummingbirds Simple Coloring Stencil, you can easily incorporate color and depth to your artwork, enhancing the visual appeal and capturing the essence of these captivating creatures. Let your creativity soar as you explore various coloring techniques and create beautiful, personalized designs that showcase the charm of hummingbirds in your papercrafts.

 This is a 6x6 inch stencil
UPC: 765453034698