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Altenew Spark Joy Potted Succulent Stencil and Hot Foil Plate Set ALT7948BN


The Altenew Spark Joy Potted Succulent Stencil and Hot Foil Plate set showcases the beauty of Echeveria agavoides, a captivating red-tipped succulent variety with elegantly pointed leaves.

This meticulously crafted hot foil plate presents a finely detailed image of a succulent in a short pot, awaiting colorization using the accompanying coordinating stencil set. It also features a simple sentiment to enhance your creations.

To bring the enchanting Spark Joy: Potted Succulent Hot Foil Plate Set to life, the set includes a simple coloring set consisting of three layering stencils that perfectly complement the echeveria agavoides, with its stunning red-tipped succulent variety.

The exclusive Spark Joy Set comprises two hot foil plates and a coordinating layering stencil set featuring three stencils.

The foil plate dimensions are as follows:

  • Succulent: 2.8 x 2.4 inches
  • Thanks: 1.9 x 0.4 inches

Here are some designer's tips:

  • For a striking visual effect, selectively blend the red tips from the stencil over the foil plate. This technique will make them stand out against the white leaves and pot.
  • The succulent can also be used independently of the coordinating hot foil plate. Simply use the etched guides to align each stencil, creating a seamless, no-line look.

The Spark Joy set introduces a captivating combination of a hot foil plate and a matching stencil set. With this innovative product duo, you can effortlessly incorporate beautiful foiled details and seamlessly blended colors into your projects.

UPC: 765453034339