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Altenew Watercolor On the Go Tools with Pouch Set alt8226bn1

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  • Altenew
  • $85.99

    This bundle includes:

    Zipper Pouch:

    • A stylish pouch with a pretty watercolor design.
    • Good for organizing art supplies or personal items like makeup and toiletries.
    • It has a secure zipper to keep your things safe.

    Watercolor Paints:

    • You get a set of vibrant watercolor paints in essential colors.
    • These colors are great for making a wide range of art.

    Watercolor Brushes:

    • A set of brushes for watercolor painting.
    • It includes different brush sizes for various painting techniques.
    • They have comfortable handles and are easy to clean.

    Watercolor Paper:

    • High-quality paper for watercolor painting.
    • It comes in a convenient size with several sheets.
    • Works well with watercolor, acrylic, and more.

    This bundle is perfect for artists and crafters, offering tools and storage for your creative projects.

    UPC: 765453049791