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Altenew Wild Flowers Stencil Set ALT8035STS


The Altenew Wildflowers Stencil Set is designed to complement the Wild Flowers 3D Embossing Folder, offering a perfect combination to elevate your projects.

This stencil set includes three 6x6 inch stencils, each featuring intricate wildflower designs. By using these stencils alongside the Wild Flowers 3D Embossing Folder, crafters can easily add a lovely layer of colors to the embossed images using their preferred coloring medium. Whether you prefer inks, paints, markers, or any other coloring tool, these stencils provide a versatile and creative way to enhance the beauty of the embossed wildflower designs.

With the Altenew Wildflowers Stencil Set, you can bring a touch of nature's elegance to your crafting projects, creating stunning and vibrant wildflower-themed artwork. These stencils offer endless possibilities for expressing your creativity and adding depth and dimension to your creations. Whether you're making cards, home decor items, or other paper crafts, the Wildflowers Stencil Set promises to be a valuable addition to your crafting supplies, allowing you to add a lovely layer of colors and breathe life into your embossed wildflower images.

UPC: 765453035954