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Altenew Zesty Life Simple Coloring Stencils ALT8002


The Altenew Zesty Life Simple Coloring Stencils are designed to perfectly complement the Zesty Life Stamp Set, offering a simple and effective way to add vibrant colors to the exquisite lemon branches. These stencils allow crafters to effortlessly infuse their projects with the refreshing zest of beautifully colored lemon branches.

The set includes two stencils, each measuring 6x6 inches. By using these stencils, crafters can easily achieve stunning and intricate color patterns on their lemon branch designs, elevating their projects to new heights of artistic beauty. Whether it's a card, scrapbook page, or any other creative project, the Zesty Life Simple Coloring Stencils provide a delightful and easy way to add a burst of color and charm to your work.

UPC: 765453035091