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Altenew Zip 'n' Stash Yellow alt8299

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  • Altenew
  • $6.99

    Enhance your crafting organization with the Altenew Zip 'n' Stash Yellow pouch. This mesh zipper pouch is designed to help you keep your crafting supplies and essentials neatly organized while adding a stylish touch to your craft room.

    Here are the key features of this pouch:

    • Size: This pouch offers ample space with dimensions of approximately 13 x 9.5 inches, making it ideal for storing your crafting supplies, as well as other items like documents, receipts, makeup brushes, toiletries, and more.

    • Durability and Style: The pouch combines a sturdy mesh encased in plastic, providing both durability and a sneak peek of its contents. It also boasts a gold foiled and embossed Altenew logo on a strip of colored vegan leather, adding a touch of style to your craft room.

    • Effortless Access: The pouch is designed for convenience with a pull cord on the zipper, ensuring easy and hassle-free opening and closing, allowing you to access your stored items with ease.

    • Yellow Color: This pouch comes in a vibrant yellow color, not only adding practicality to your organization but also serving as a fashionable statement in your craft space.

    • Crafters' Design: It's worth noting that this pouch is designed by fellow crafters who understand the importance of keeping your craft supplies well-organized.

    • Easy to Clean: Maintaining this pouch is a breeze – you can simply wipe it down with baby wipes or handwash it with warm water and soap.

    With the Altenew Zip 'n' Stash Yellow pouch, you'll have a versatile and stylish solution to elevate your crafting organization, ensuring your supplies and essentials are neatly stored and easily accessible.

    UPC: 765453039273