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Avery Elle Clear Stamps Creepy Cameos ST-23-35


Avery Elle introduces Creepy Cameos Clear Stamps, perfect for the spooky season with its frightfully wicked designs! Crafters can use these stamps to create ghostly cards or projects for Halloween. The set includes a total of 14 stamps.

The witch silhouette stamp measures approximately 1.3125 x 1.6875 inches, while the mirror stamp measures around 2.375 x 3.3125 inches. Additionally, the spooky sentiment stamp measures approximately 0.9375 x 0.3125 inches. All these exclusive clear stamps are proudly made in the USA.

With the Creepy Cameos Clear Stamps, crafters can set the perfect eerie mood for Halloween. By combining the witch or skeleton silhouettes in the frame, they can create hauntingly captivating designs. Whether making cards or engaging in other crafting projects, these high-quality clear stamps offer the ideal tools to add spine-chilling effects and send shivers down the spines of recipients.

Unleash creativity and let the Avery Elle Creepy Cameos Clear Stamps be the go-to tool for infusing Halloween-themed crafts with spine-tingling allure. Proudly made in the USA, these stamps offer exceptional quality, ensuring that each project becomes a frightful masterpiece that will impress and delight all who encounter it.

Sentiments Read

  • Spooky
  • Halloween
  • Happy
  • Haunting
  • Wishes
  • Wicked
UPC: 810083782072