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Bearly Art THE ORIGINAL Precision Craft Glue pcg40e

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The Original contains one 4 fluid ounce container of precision craft glue, the tip kit, and the tip cap. 
Some major features of this awesome glue are:
Clear drying: Create a professional-level look for all styles of crafts. Best art glitter glue available.
Multiple sized tips: Provides more choices in application! Get better accuracy, freedom, and control with precision tips. Tip Kit contains one Ultra-Fine Tip, Fine Tip, Storage Tip, and Cleaning Pin.
Wrinkle and Clump Resistant: Specially formulated to stay smooth and prevent wrinkling
Non-Toxic: Totally safe to use for any project.
Freeze and Thaw Stable: Can ship year round and has been tested to be freeze and thaw stable for 5 freeze and thaw cycles. Perfect arts and crafts glue for the holidays.
UPC: 860003929612