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Birch Press Design Forest Canopy Layer Dies 57534


The Birch Press Design Forest Canopy Layer Dies are a set of three layering dies that allow you to create a beautiful forest canopy effect in your projects. The set includes Forest Canopy Layers A, B, and C. Each die is approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches in size. These layering dies are made of durable steel and are compatible with most die-cutting machines on the market. You can use them with various materials such as cardstock, felt, fabric, or shrink plastic. The versatility of these dies enables you to cut, stencil, emboss, and create a wide range of designs. The Forest Canopy Layer Dies can be used individually or together to create stunning effects. Each layer offers a different level of detail and complexity. The first layer features many leaves and thin twigs, the second layer includes branches with larger leaves, and the third layer provides textured branches and twigs with a couple of leaves and layering berries. With these dies, you can easily add depth and dimension to your projects, allowing you to create intricate forest-themed designs or bring a touch of nature to your crafting endeavors.

UPC: 873980575345