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BP-077 Spellbinders Open if You Dare Press Plates


The Open if You Dare Press Plates form a captivating duo within the Spellbinders Betterpress Halloween Collection. This set comprises two plates, with the larger plate depicting a spooky skeleton emerging from a treasure box, accompanied by a pumpkin at its base. The second plate features the sentiment Open If You Dare, prompting an intriguing question—would you take the dare? The imaginative design captures the essence of Halloween mystery and excitement.

Housed within the Betterpress Halloween Collection, the Open if You Dare Press Plates provide crafters with a thematic and engaging design that encapsulates the allure of Halloween. This set empowers creators to infuse their projects with an element of suspense and curiosity.

To achieve professional results, the press plates are to be inked with BetterPress Ink and pressed against the BetterPress Cotton Card Panel and Sheets. The process involves four simple steps: placing the BetterPress Press Plate onto the Chase (a magnetic platform to secure the press plate), taping the Card Panel on the Platen (a clear top plate with registration marks), applying ink onto the Press Plate, and assembling a Letterpress Sandwich that is then passed through a manual die-cutting machine.

The BetterPress System offers a revolutionary approach to achieving the refined appearance of letterpress, eliminating the mess often associated with traditional methods. By combining BetterPress with other Spellbinders products such as the Glimmer Hot Foil System and the Sealed with Spellbinders wax seal program, creators can fashion distinct cards, stationery, and projects embellished with intricate impressions that are tactilely discernible. The BetterPress System seamlessly integrates with a manual die-cutting machine to yield graceful, effortless, and detailed letterpress effects.

With approximate dimensions of 2.10 x 2.95 inches for the Skeleton Scene and 2.65 x 0.20 inches for the Open If You Dare sentiment, the Open if You Dare Press Plates not only offer an imaginative portrayal of Halloween intrigue but also provide creators with a versatile toolkit to add suspense and flair to their projects using the letterpress technique.

UPC: 813233037183