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BP-082 Spellbinders Autumn Leaves Press Plate and Die Set


The Autumn Leaves Press Plate and Die Set is a remarkable addition to the BetterPress Autumn Collection, offering a versatile set of four press plates that showcase intricately detailed autumn leaves. Each plate features a distinct type of leaf: Oak, Chestnut, Maple, and a Leaf Sprig, presenting a variety of options to enhance your floral clusters or motifs. Notably, each leaf is accompanied by its corresponding cutting die, ensuring seamless and precise cutting for your crafting projects.

For achieving professional and sophisticated results, the BetterPress System offers a streamlined process that requires only four straightforward steps. Start by placing the BetterPress Press Plate onto the Chase, a magnetic platform designed to secure the press plate during the crafting process. Then, attach the Card Panel onto the Platen, serving as the clear top plate featuring registration marks to ensure precise alignment. Apply the BetterPress Ink onto the Press Plate to ensure even coverage of the design. Finally, assemble the Letterpress Sandwich and pass it through a manual die-cutting machine. The result is a crisp and detailed letterpress design on the BetterPress Cotton Card Panel and Sheets.

The BetterPress System offers an innovative and user-friendly approach to achieving the elegant look of letterpress without the typical mess associated with traditional methods. The system's functionality extends beyond letterpress to encompass various crafting techniques, enabling crafters to create professional stationery-style projects with tactilely perceptible impressions.

The versatility of the BetterPress System is further enhanced through its compatibility with other Spellbinders products, such as the Glimmer Hot Foil System and the Sealed with Spellbinders wax seal program. This integration empowers crafters to explore a range of creative possibilities and achieve unique and personalized results.

By incorporating the Autumn Leaves Press Plate and Die Set into your crafting endeavors, you can elevate your projects with beautifully detailed autumn leaves that capture the essence of the season. Whether used in floral arrangements or standalone accents, these leaves add depth, texture, and a touch of natural beauty to your creations.

Approximate Size:

Oak: 2.25 x 2.30 in.
Chestnut: 2.40 x 2.60 in.
Maple: 2.40 x 2.65 in.
Leaf Sprig: 2.05 x 2.90 in.

Oak Outline: 2.35 x 2.40 in.
Chestnut Outline: 2.50 x 2.70 in.
Maple Outline: 2.50 x 2.75 in.
Leaf Sprig Outline: 2.15 x 3.00 in.

UPC: 813233037237