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BPI-012 Spellbinders Flower Garden BetterPress Ink Mini Set 4 Pack


The Spellbinders Flower Garden BetterPress Ink Mini Set is a delightful 4-pack of ink pads designed for the BetterPress Letterpress System. Each ink pad measures 1.25 x 1.75 inches and comes in four lovely colors: Strawberry, Leaf, Azalea, and Hydrangea.

These inks are specifically formulated Ranger Archival Ink, which ensures they are acid-free, permanent, and waterproof. They are perfect for use with the BetterPress Letterpress System, allowing you to create beautiful and detailed letterpress effects. To achieve stunning results, simply follow the instructions for the BetterPress Letterpress System.

When it's time to reink the ink pads, make sure to use BetterPress Ink Reinkers, which are available separately. For cleaning the inked press plate, you can use Ranger Archival Ink Cleaner.

The BetterPress Letterpress System offers an innovative and mess-free approach to achieve the elegant look of letterpress. It empowers you to create professional stationery-style projects with intricate impressions that can be felt to the touch. You can elevate your creativity further by combining the BetterPress System with other Spellbinders products, such as the Glimmer Hot Foil System and the Sealed with Spellbinders wax seal program, as well as the extensive library of Spellbinders products, enabling you to design one-of-a-kind cards, stationery, projects, and more. To use the BetterPress System, simply pair it with your manual die-cutting machine to effortlessly produce beautiful, detailed, and impressive letterpress effects.

With the Flower Garden BetterPress Ink Mini Set and the BetterPress System, you can unleash your creativity and elevate your crafting game, transforming your projects into extraordinary pieces of art.

UPC: 813233037510