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Brutus Monroe Brutella Chroma Glaze bru6168


Brutus Monroe Brutella Chroma Glaze is a delectable crafting medium that will take your papercrafts to the next level! This gel-based hazelnut brown medium is carefully tinted to perfection, offering a luscious chocolatey finish to your masterpieces. Its medium-bodied consistency makes it a breeze to layer, spread, and decorate on various surfaces, allowing you to explore your creativity without limitations. Whether you're working on paper or acetate, this semi-opaque medium will leave your projects looking stunning. When applied to acetate, it even creates a mesmerizing stained glass effect, adding a touch of elegance to your artwork. Each jar contains approximately 1 ounce of this deliciously non-edible spread, making it an essential addition to any crafting arsenal.

UPC: 702338776168