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Brutus Monroe Hooked On You Stamps and Dies Bundle bru3945*

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  • Brutus Monroe
  • $34.99

    Part of the Good Vibrations Collection. The Brutus Monroe Hooked On You Stamps and Dies Bundle is a groovy set of retro, hippie-inspired stamps perfect for showcasing your love for the sea. The 6x8 clear stamp set consists of 27 pieces, featuring two mermaids or merpeople—one male and one female—adorned with bell bottoms, flowers, vests, and making the peace sign. These stamps allow you to create whimsical and colorful designs. In addition to the mermaid stamps, the set includes various other elements such as bubbles, wind, fish, seaweed, a seahorse, hearts, a lava lamp, blooms, and a peace sign. These elements can be used to add depth and detail to your projects, allowing you to create scenes or embellish your designs further. The stamp set also includes phrases that capture the retro, hippie spirit, such as "Hooked on you," "Good Vibes," "Be Groovy," "Don't Worry Be Hippie," and "Catch my Drift." These phrases can be used as focal points or sentiments in your crafts, conveying a positive and free-spirited message. To complement the stamps, the bundle also includes 27 coordinating dies. These dies allow you to easily cut out the stamp images, providing clean and precise shapes for your projects.

    UPC: 702338773945