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Brutus Monroe Ruby Slippers Clear Stamps bru1880


Inspired by the iconic Wizard of Oz, this compact 3x4 inch stamp set features 3 pieces that capture the magic and symbolism of the ruby slippers. You'll find a beautifully detailed illustration of the ruby slippers, complete with bows, which serve as a reminder of the transformative power and potential within each of us. These iconic shoes are a symbol of strength, determination, and the ability to find one's way back home. Accompanying the ruby slippers are two inspiring sentiments that can uplift and empower. "You're Stronger than You Think" serves as a reminder of the resilience and inner strength we possess, encouraging us to face challenges with courage and determination. "Sparkle On!" is a delightful reminder to embrace our unique qualities, shine brightly, and let our inner light guide us on our journey. Let your creativity sparkle and unleash the magic within!

UPC: 702338771880