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Brutus Monroe STICK AND STAMP MAT bru7920

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This stick and stamp mat is a versatile, low-stick mat than can be utilized to hold your project in place while working. Use while ink blending or positioning die cut letters. Use to place a stencil on top of a project and you will never need to secure your stencil again. Works inside your favorite stamp positioner to hold your project in while stamping with large backgrounds or when a large area needs to be secured. Unscented Squeaky Clean Stick and Stamp mat cleaner bru7783 sold separately. Mat is approximately 8.5 x 6.5 inches.

Do not apply any strong adhesive tape to the sticky portion of the mat as this can cause damage to and or remove the sticky mat coating. When you first receive your stick and stamp mat, it will be at the standard tack level, over time the tack level will become lower and the removal of your cardstock will become easier. In order to remove your paper from your stick and stamp mat you will want to roll the mat in order to release the cardstock. Lower grade and weight of paper is not recommended for the Stick and Stamp Mat. 

UPC: 702338767920