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Brutus Monroe Which Witch Clear Stamp Set bru1774


Inspired by the enchanting Wizard of Oz, this 4x6 inch stamp set features 4 pieces that capture the essence of both the good and bad witches from the iconic story. In this set, you'll find a depiction of a good witch, reminiscent of Glinda, in a gown, a crown and holding a wand. And, a bad witch, reminiscent of Elphaba, wearing her hat, cape and holding her broomstick.
Alongside these captivating witch illustrations, the set also offers two sentiments to enhance your creations. "Witching You All the Best!" conveys good wishes and a sprinkle of magic to your recipients. "The Magic is in You" serves as a reminder of the incredible power and potential that lies within each of us.

UPC: 702338771774