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Buttons Galore and More Party Shaker Elements Mix slm100

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Introducing the Buttons Galore and More Party Shaker Elements Mix – a delightful assortment of arts and crafts embellishments designed to infuse a festive spirit into your DIY projects. This unique mix comprises gemstones, rhinestones, polymer clay, buttons, sequins, flat back pearls, flat back resins, confetti shapes, and an array of other adornments, offering endless creative possibilities.

Party embellishments like these can serve as shaker elements, add flair to slime creations, or embellish paper crafts, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of crafting endeavors.

You'll receive a generous 40 grams of these embellishments, equivalent to over 4 tablespoons, thoughtfully packaged in an attractive aluminum tin. Once your creative projects have enjoyed the party flair, the tin can be repurposed to store other craft supplies, adding both functionality and style to your crafting space.

UPC: 840934072809