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Color Burst Powder Fresh Florals 6 Pack cb-96464

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    Introducing the Color Burst Powder Fresh Florals 6 Pack, a vibrant and versatile collection of colorants designed to bring an explosion of hues to your artistic creations. Each bottle contains a generous 6 grams of highly concentrated micro fine powder, ensuring long-lasting use and brilliant results.

    This unique colorant is specifically formulated for application on porous surfaces, allowing you to unleash your creativity on a wide range of materials. Whether you're working on paper, fabric, or other absorbent mediums, the Color Burst Powder Fresh Florals will bring your artwork to life with its intense pigmentation. Colors included are noted below:

    • Wisteria
    • Peony
    • Marigold
    • Sap Green
    • Naples Yellow
    • Prussian Blue

    Using these powders is a breeze, thanks to their versatile application methods. For a sprinkle of color, simply apply the powder directly onto a wet surface and watch as it bursts into a vibrant display. Alternatively, you can grab a wet brush and use it to transfer the powder onto your chosen canvas, allowing you to control the density and coverage of the colors.

    If you prefer a more watercolor-like effect, dissolve the powder in water to create a liquid colorant. This allows you to use it just like traditional watercolor paints, giving you endless possibilities for blending, layering, and achieving stunning gradients.

    When time is of the essence, the Color Burst Powder Fresh Florals won't let you down. Thanks to their fast-drying nature, you can speed up the drying process by using a heat tool, allowing you to move on to the next step of your project without delay.

    Whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner exploring the world of color, the Color Burst Powder Fresh Florals 6 Pack will inspire and elevate your creations. Unleash your imagination and watch as these vibrant powders transform your artwork into a mesmerizing display of color and creativity.

    UPC: 850024696464