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Cosmic Shimmer Fluffy Stuff Glow in the Dark csflufglow


The Cosmic Shimmer Glow In The Dark Fluffy Stuff is a versatile dimensional paint that adds texture and dimension to your craft projects. With its fine nozzle, you have precise control over its placement. This paint works effectively on a variety of surfaces, making it suitable for all types of creative endeavors. It allows you to create a unique fluffy effect wherever you desire. To use this product, simply write or create the image you want on your project. Next, gently heat the applied Fluffy Stuff with a heat gun while keeping it moving at all times. As you do this, it will slowly bubble and expand, resulting in a lovely fluffy finish on your artwork. This water-based paint also features a sparkling finish, adding a touch of shimmer to your designs. The bottle is approximately 30ml. When applied, it appears white, but the real magic happens when the lights go off – watch as the green glow comes alive, making it perfect for Halloween-themed projects and adding an enchanting touch to your creations.

Please Note that most of the Cosmic Shimmer product is water-based and therefore could be affected by colder temperatures. This includes time in transit. Take this into consideration when placing your order in colder months.

UPC: 5055260927692