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Cosmic Shimmer Giallo Gold Mineral Mica csmingiallo


Cosmic Shimmer Giallo Gold Mineral Mica is a type of crafting material that is commonly used in papercraft, mixed media, jewelry, and home decor projects. It is made up of small natural mineral mica pieces that create a shimmering granite effect when applied to a surface. This particular color has flecks of gold and copper mixed in, creating a unique look that is perfect for creating a vintage-style effect.
To use this product, you can apply it over an adhesive product such as sticky sheets, double-sided tape, or glue. Alternatively, it can be mixed into a transparent paste or other mediums to create a range of amazing effects. You can also add it to the surface of wet paste as an embellishment. When working with this product, it is important to keep in mind that it is best used while still wet and can be cleaned up easily with soap and water.
Creative Expressions Cosmic Shimmer Mica is a versatile crafting material that can add a touch of shimmer and vintage style to any project.

UPC: 5055260927395